Saturday, May 6, 2017

Everything, Everything Book Signing and Movie Screening!

Do you all remember the book Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon? The book that is being turned into a movie starring Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson? In a rather sudden and unexpected turn of events, I found myself at a Nicola Yoon book signing two days ago. But it wasn't just any normal book signing...the first 50 people in line received tickets to the advanced viewing of the movie adaptation of Nicola Yoon's book Everything, Everything! And who would have known that luck was on my side?

And so, me and three friends woke ourselves up relatively early and chummed our way to the bookstore where we sat and waited for it to open...

Can you guess which shoe is mine? (Hint: it matches my blog's colour scheme)

Doors opened, and we were literally one of the first people in line! And because we were within the first 50 people, that meant we got...


Both Nicola and the director of the movie were there. It was magical; without those two people, none of this would ever have been possible! The movie wouldn't have been possible without the director, who wouldn't have been able to direct the movie if it hadn't been for the author writing the books. And we, the fans, wouldn't have been there without either of them!

SO COOL!!! I got my book signed by Nicola Yoon. PLUS I got a movie poster signed by the director, Stella Meghie, of the movie! And then we raced to the movie theatre, where we found seats reserved for us...

I was convinced I had died and gone to book heaven. Things like these never happen to me, and it was all so surreal!

And then the movie itself was fantastic. FANTASTIC. It was funny and creative, with scenes of the book (like all those texting chapters) reimagined in such clever ways. The acting was brilliant, and most importantly, it stayed true to the book. There was very little deviation, if any. There were so many lines from the book, and a lot of quirks that Maddy had were kept, like her book reviews and clothes colour. The movie is so cute and perfect, and I have no doubts it's going to do fantastic in the box office when it comes out. I only wish it were a longer movie, because I couldn't get enough of it

So, I can now scratch off "Attend Author Book Signing" and "Meet a New York Times Bestselling Author" off my list. Best yet, I get to add "Attend Advanced Screening of Much-Anticipated Movie" to my list of things I never thought I'd ever do!
And there you have it! My rather sudden, but totally worthwhile attendance to a book signing and movie advanced screening. A total once-in-a-lifetime moment for me, since these things rarely, if ever, happen to me. Now, a message to all of you: go watch Everything, Everything when it comes out (May 19th), because it is really good!!!


  1. Oh my GOODNESS Erika you're so lucky!! That sounds like it was so much fun! I'll definitely go watch the movie! :D

    1. Thanks! I definitely recommend you see it. It's so great! :D

  2. That sounds like an amazing experience!! I am so happy that the movie stayed true to the book and didn't add anything. :)

    1. Agreed! I was scared they'd change a lot of it, but they didn't. And it was perfect!

  3. Oh wow, what an awesome experience! That's so amazing <3 And isn't it weird that I just finished reading Everything Everything only the other day??